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    Issue 01/18-07/18 of Veneer were published by MPH. YU has become a host. Issue 09/18 was published by Artspeak. Issue 10/18 was published by The Frye Foundation. Issue 11/18 was published by Fondation d'entreprise Galaries Lafayette. Issue 12/18 was published by Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen.

    Distribution is a problem.

    Veneer is available in Europe at After 8 Books in Paris.
    Domestically, please visit Stand Up Comedy, too, and Marfa Book Company. In New York, just go to Miguel Abreu/Sequence Press.

    Veneer is never accepting applications for internships.

    PO BOX 81155
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    Incomplete list of libraries current with Ve:
    Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
    Klondike Institute of Arts*, Dawson City, Yukon
    Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, MN
    Museum of Modern Art*, New York, NY
    Museum of Contemporary Craft*, Portland, OR
    Pacific Northwest College of Arts*, Portland, OR
    Reed College*, Portland, OR
    Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
    Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
    Yale Union, Portland, OR
    Princeton University Library*, Princeton, NJ
    Allen Memorial Art Museum*, Oberlin, OH