02: I don't know. It's definitely more earthy. But not in a concrete manner.

The way that it feels is how I imagine things were initially put together. Does that make sense? There is this haphazard nature that is portentously calculated but also almost just a fuck-up.

Almost a mistake. Instead there are many wink-winks and attempts to make the readers smarter than me.

And the first three signatures are this HUGE problem. Especially the third. It took me so long to figure out how to cope.


As noted (this is what you are looking at):

We just received 02/18 back from the press.

The edition is 300. There are no real subscriptions. When you buy the edition you are buying into the project. You get all future issues and all back issues and many other things that we're making just for subscribers. We are making 18 of these things, officially.

Besides the 300, there are also 700 being produced per issue for general distribution at bookstores and galleries and shit. These have different covers and don't get many of the perks that subscribers do, plus they are not numbered and generally for people not as good as yourself. Each book retails for at least $25 in stores.

The price of the edition rises periodically throughout each quarter as new issues are published. The current price is noted in the Acquisitions.

Again, we live all over the place -- it is not fair to place us in one location. TBT, it's mine with some crucial colleagues working together. Also: MPH is the best publisher. The Best.

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