It's a total object. Again. There is a weight to it. In my impression of things, it is very hard to not feel it.

It is a prodigal return after the pulp of 03/18.

I'm less insecure I suppose.

The letterpressing is so good. The printing is so good. I cannot even begin to tell you. I like these copies in a different way because even though the object is strong the actual gesture is more subtle.

If only you knew.

It's all so mildly metallic. A contrived, halfass metallic publication organized methodically into signatures that are hard. That's what we've got here: A hard, strong, mildly reflective yet light publication. It is a different kind of weight.

I'm telling you = it's so good and useful.

Especially if you are into sports and military weaponry.


So, as stated, we are making 300 of the edition. On track. When one purchases the edition, they receive all back issues and all future issues and all special content that I make over the next five years. Also: a certificate of authenticity. The 18 books plus extra content will be housed in some kind of bookshelf structure that we'll make for subscribers. I can't really produce until the end of the project because I'm not sure what other kind of extra content I'll continue to make and I would like to accommodate it all in some manner. Take that.

Like, we just sent you all white gloves.

The price of the subscription rises exponentially over the course of the project. This is regulated by a rogue algorithm passed down from the government op "Woodlawn." For instance, the price of the subscription started at $300 in 2007 and as of August, 2008 is at $425 for domestic purchases. It rises without warning.

Each print run of each issue is 1000. The remaining 700 copies are sold at our bookstores (link) and as back issues here through our store. They receive different letterpressed covers and although still quite impressive, are generally inferior objects.

I can't believe that I just said that.


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