"Should we just send panties to the bookstores and subscribers instead of magazines?"

But also: this book is very confrontational to some of our previous proclivities.

Some things: Why are you afraid to include your name? What about geography frightens you? What about not including a fancy artist? What about taking questions of access to a new place?

It's because after finishing the previous (06/18), I was convinced that making another one would just mean that we were bad artists or makers or whatever. It was a complex argument and many, many alternatives were thrown around instead of making more books.

"I feel like the next issue is just about us going to the Mediterranean."

This issue was made primarily in libraries.

And then there is a signature of quiet?

And then I wrote something?

And then for the subscribers we sent the paper through the letterpress -- each piece -- ten times.

We remain very committed.

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