What? Hot?

Come on: Issue 9. Half way. That young ambition that started this project is subtly distracted. Nevertheless, remaining calm, this issue is low to the ground, or solid, or whatever.

Creeper, this issue.


Low to the ground.

One of the questions: how to create vortex zones of information or materials that swirl inside other vortexes that are bigger. In there everything tornadoes together. As party to this, you can choose to see just the outer-most layer which is the most present. Right now. Immediacy. Or, move beyond that first node to the next.

The things swirl, around, ambient chaos, but then sometimes you are shifted or torqued by something like a bindery tour in order to make (1) a new dimension to the work's questions and (2) just simply a better way to understand/learn about it all.


That and: Weird Trapped Spirit Pieces. Subscribers receive the best and most complicated cover print that we have made yet, also. It's like twelve passes on two different presses with fluo ink popping off.

And, goodness, I'm a true believer in those dudes in Canada and their support has been the most incredible. Thank you, officially.

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