You may only read this outloud if you are wearing a good-sized beard, man or woman.

Hello, my name is Aaron. I wrote this prayer thinking about you, computers. Dear Audience, We know that things have changed lately. Thank you for showing us this. The recent approach to technology is the reason for this change. A liberation is in the process of organizing itself. Where once clean and distinct boundaries seperated genres. . . The lines are now blurring. We are approaching the singularity quickly. It is upon us. The sterile, opaque walls of our ancestors are becoming transparent. What is left is simply the economy. And, much like Jericho, we can expect these walls to fall. The language of difference -- much like the museums of documentation -- will crumble as this economy changes consciousness.

**Now interact with projection**

You, audience, have shown us a complex problem. Time is relentlessly melting; We can do whatever we want, you've showed us. We have many forefathers to thank for this. Thank you, forefathers. Forefathers, we understand that it is our duty to win back this segregation. . . To challenge and be confused by that which we don't understand. This is "our secret." What is left after pieces become too small? What is left after the economy crashes? The answer to these questions as you, audience, have shown us: PERFORMANCE WITHTHE BODY. The object is AGAIN the body. This is not performance suffocated by white walls. Nor is it confined to dark drinking establishments or large outdoor amplitheatres. Nor is it easy to communicate to those not involved. Personal experience is our new value. This is what is called the Experience Economy. This liberation in body performance is a rogue, generalized code. It is all that we have left. We must reclaim it. Right now, it is all the same; nothing is special.

**reference projection**

Thank you for allowing us this era of change! This era includes the aforementioned ramping technology! Also, songs like, 'Pussy, don't fail me now.' Also, magical psionics/scions with their high initiatives and relatively good gas milage. Also, Vincent Gallo. Thank you for this context. I apologize for this grandiose decree. I understand my own insecure roll. Please belive in us. Bless us. I am so grateful for all that you have already given us. Amen.