-------------------------------------------------- 03/18: another problem. I'm truly ashamed of it. It is legally stupid and vaguely resembles a grifted Whole Earth Catalogue. It's a bullshit self-portrait. It is reverse advertising. (Un)solicited. It is trying to own it.

It's loud in a way that is unexpected. I guess that I'm sorry about this. It's communicating in an presumptuous manner.

This is the issue in which the abstraction could most easily start to be misunderstood. It's gross in this way. This is why I'm hesitant to put it out there. Can I postpone it? Is it trying to be something that it's not?

03/18 is more apparent, surely, witty, annoying. Also = a mixture of being American and unamerican.

What the issue really is, is a gesture. Again. I can tell you so many times: "I'm sorry for including the text." Do not read this. It is not about being printed. Then, do you think that it's indulgent? It's not. Start reading it differently. Start to understand what it is. It is not for you, yet.

It is about an action. An action that is collected and documented in an edition of 300.

The event for 03/18: making a law. It's true: I'm interested in making a shield. What lawyer can help with this problem?

Is the lawyer merely a symbol?

I'm going into active hiding.

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Do I need to mention subscriptions again?
How do I explain this better?

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